Table 2

Most important reasons cited for wearing protective headgear during the 1999 playing season

% of players who wore headgear for most of the 1999 playing season
Reason indicatedAll players (n=110)Players with no recent head/neck injury history (n=50)Players with a recent head/neck injury history (n=59)Control team players (n=36)Headgear team players (n=73)
Percentages within each column do not add to 100%, because two reasons were given. Data relate to cases without a missing response. Bold pairs of values are significantly different.
I feel safer when I wear one54.1 62.7 36.0 52.849.3
I don't want to get an injury42.
I like to20.023.710.011.120.5
Participant in a study18.313.624.0 2.8 26.0
I have had a previous injury14.7 5.1 26.0 22.211.0
My parents make me9.28.510.013.96.8
Everyone on my team does3.
My school makes me2.