Table 3

Other magnetic resonance imaging scan findings by clinical category

All (n=116)OP (n=52)NO (n=54)SED (n=10)NO PH (n=16)NO A (n=38)ARF (n=89)
PS, Pubic symphysis; OP, pain and tenderness in PS and/or superior pubic ramus; NO, not diagnosed as OP; SED, sedentary; NO PH, not diagnosed as OP but past history of groin pain; NO A, not diagnosed as OP and no past history of groin pain; ARF, football players.
Subchondral bone cyst2821705228
Fluid in PS disc1310303013
Pubic ramus sclerosis5410105
Hyperintensity at adductor origin6600006
PS irregularity
No change38129832619
Moderate change6942252131261
Considerable change9900009
Beaking (coronal view)
2 mm or less43431852623
3–7 mm35181526928
8 mm or more3830805338