Table 3

Attitudes and beliefs about protective headgear and injury risk among players who wore protective headgear

% of all players who wore headgear for the majority of the 1999 playing season
Attitude/beliefAll players (n=110)Control team players (n=36)Headgear team players (n=74)Players with no recent injury history (n=60)Players with a recent injury history (n=50)
Values are the proportion of cases giving an “always” or “often” response to each attitude/belief.
Do you feel safer wearing headgear?83.688.981.183.384.0
Do you play more confidently if you are wearing headgear?67.380.660.866.768.0
Did your head feel hotter while wearing headgear?62.855.366.256.770.0
Do you think wearing headgear can prevent head injury?54.663.949.853.356.0
Do you feel that you could tackle harder while wearing headgear?54.663.950.055.054.0
Did your head feel uncomfortable while wearing headgear?14.78.617.813.616.0
Did you experience any communication difficulties while wearing headgear?