Table 1

Potential risk factors for rugby injury, measured before the season

Rugby specific risk factorsBasic, psychological, and lifestyle factorsAnthropometric, physical performance, and training factors
Grade (level of play)AgeAnthropometric characteristics
Years of rugby participationEthnic origin Height
Representative experienceStrenuous physical activity (hours/week) Body mass
Playing positionPsychological wellbeing Body mass index (BMI)
Injury experience:Competition anxiety Sum of six skinfolds
No injury in previous 12 monthsAlcohol usePhysical fitness
Previous seasonCigarette smoking: Aerobic endurance (20 m multistage shuttle run test)
Non-smoker Anaerobic endurance (repeated high intensity shuttle run test)
Ex-smoker 30 m sprint time (5 m running start)
Current smoker Vertical jump
Push ups
Weekly endurance training load