Table 8

Anatomical location of subsequent injuries within the same season

Subsequent injuries to same locality (observed frequency)Location of subsequent injuries (n=2823) (expected frequency)
Location of previous injuryTotalNo%No%
l, left lower extremity; r, right lower extremity.
*p<0.01 Different proportions between observed and expected frequencies.
Lumbar spine10214*13.7993.5
Groin l12327*22.01405.0
Groin r15937*23.31665.9
Thigh l32570*21.633211.8
Thigh r37191*24.536713.0
Knee l19745*22.82157.6
Knee r21043*20.52418.5
Lower leg l16326*16.01455.4
Lower leg r19836*18.21967.0
Ankle l22152*23.52017.1
Ankle r24356*23.02559.0
Foot l656*9.2491.7
Foot r7313*17.8782.8