Table 1

Items contained in questionnaire completed by all subjects and specific questions for players with ankle injuries

Questionnaire for all subjects
Personal characteristics: for example, age, sex, weight, height
Standard of competition played: elite, recreational
Position on court: guard, forward, centre
Protective gear worn: for example, ankle or knee tape/brace, mouthguard
Shoe type:(a) Cut: low, mid, high cut(b) Condition: good, fair, poor
(c) Cost: approximation in Australian dollars(d) Brand and style
Age of shoes: months
Warm up undertaken: including amount (time) and type (stretch, run, ball skills)
History of ankle or knee injury
Additional questions for players with ankle injuries
Side of injury: left, right
Mechanism of injury
Type of injury
When injury occurred: 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter