Table 1

Properties of conventional neuropsychological and computerised cognitive tests

Conventional neuropsychological testsComputerised cognitive tests
RT, Response time.
Psychometric considerations
    Alternative formsNone–fewMany–infinite
    Stimulus randomisationWithin test onlyWithin test, between test and between subjects
    Test-retest reliabilityWide rangeGenerally high for RT measures
    Normative dataMainly cross sectionalVery little for most tests
Very little longitudinal
    Practice effectsLarge for most tests because of lack of alternative formsSmall because of many alternative forms and randomisation of stimulus presentation
    OutputLevel of performanceLevel of performance and variability in performance
Practical considerations
    Administration time1 min–4 h1 min–2 h
    Support requiredNeuropsychologist or trained technician for administration, scoring and interpretationSome tests may be self administered and automatically scored. Interpretation still required
    AccessibilityPoor. Requires trained personnelHigh. May be internet delivered
    Data storage and analysisTime consuming and costlyAutomated