Table 1

Comparison of anthropometric variables and past clinical history of players from the AFL and SANFL

AFL (n=43)SANFL (n=71)Total (n=114)U, t, or χ2p Value
Where appropriate, values are median, mean (SD).
AFL, Australian Football League (national competition); SANFL, South Australian National Football League (state competition); PH, past history; PTI, posterior thigh injury.
Age (years)22, 21.9 (3.0)20, 21.4 (3.5)20.5, 21.6 (3.4)U=13420.276
Height (cm)183, 185.0 (7.9)182, 183.3 (7.0)183, 183.9 (7.4)U=13590.325
Weight (kg)86, 85.8 (9.8)81, 82.5 (9.4)83, 83.8 (9.6)t=1.780.078
Aboriginal descent538χ2=2.240.112
PH-knee injury2810χ2=1.470.195
PH-osteitis pubis71017χ2=5.100.475
PH-back injury9817χ2=1.970.129