Table 4

Comparison of anthropometric variables and past clinical history of players with hamstring muscle strain and uninjured players excluding those with a past history of posterior thigh injury (n=26)

Injured (n=13)Uninjured (n=75)U, t, or χ2p Value
Where appropriate, values are median, mean (SD).
PH, past history.
Age (years)24, 23.8 (2.6)20, 20.6 (3.0)U=1990.001
Height (cm)184, 184.1 (6.9)182, 183.4 (7.3)U=4510.672
Weight (kg)84, 85.6 (8.3)81, 82.2 (9.2)t=1.1510.252
Aboriginal descent33χ2=6.350.039
PH-knee injury33χ2=6.350.039
PH-osteitis pubis44χ2=8.670.015
PH-back injury25χ2=1.150.275