Table 2

Two sample, two sided Aspin-Welch test (p=0.05) comparing elite athletes with controls

VariableAthletes (n=18)Controls (n=8)tdf*tdf, 0.05**Conclusion
Values are mean (SD).
df, degrees of freedom for Aspin-Welch test; tdf, 0.05, critical values of t (p=0.05) obtained from ordinary t table (two sided test); au, arbitrary units.
Resting heart rate (HR) (1/s)63.3 (4.9)73.6 ( difference
Half recovery time of muscle oxygen saturation (TR), (s)29.4 (7.15)32.8 (8.0)0.9312.22.18No significant difference
Half recovery increment of oxygenation saturation (h) (au)6.5 (1.5)5 (1.6)2.2412.52.17Significant difference
Recovery rate of muscle oxygenation (RR) ( 1/s)0.225 (0.085)0.165 (0.045)2.324.32.06Significant difference
Relative value of effective fall in muscle oxygen (Deff) (au)5.82 (4.26)10.37 (3.05)2.8616.52.12Significant difference