Table 1

Total numbers of injuries reported in the 152 Muay Thai kick boxers examined

Head and neck contusions∼545
Head neck lacerations∼158
Head neck strain10
Jaw fracture 1
Nasal fracture22
Teeth avulsion 1
Shoulder subluxation 2
Shoulder strain11
Wrist strain10
Carpal fracture 9
Metacarpal fracture10
Phalanx fracture 9
Thumb hyperextension 6
Trunk contusion∼8
Back strain15
Groin strain 6
Rib fracture13
Forearm fracture 2
Ankle strain 9
Foot contusion∼98
Foot fracture 3
Lower leg fracture 1
Toe fracture10
Toe strain 8
Leg contusion298
Leg haematoma 8
Leg strain 8
Knee strain17
Shin contusion∼780
Shin haematoma8