Table 1

Descriptive characteristics of the study population

Age (years)Duration of symptoms (months)VISA-A score
MeanSD95% CIMeanSD95% CIMeanSD95% CI
*Although a total of five control subjects had Achilles tendon symptoms for 0.5–2 months, they are not tabled here as they are not representative of the group.
Group 1 (n=45, 18F, 27M)42.311.438.9 to 45.721.025.57.7 to 23.1641759 to 69
Group 2 (n=14, 6F, 8M)44.314.835.4 to 53.319.24.114.8 to 19.2442828 to 60
Group 3 (n=63, 31F, 32M)23.02.922.3 to 23.7N/A*96794 to 98
Group 4 (n=20, 9F, 11M) to 43.1N/A*98397 to 99