Table 4

Playing time lost per concussion, stratified by injury setting, injury status, position, and experience level

Half face shieldFull face shield
No of injuriesTime loss*Time loss per injury95% CINo of injuriesTime loss*Time per injury95% CI
*Playing time lost in sessions, where 1 session = 1 game or practice; †unknown: Half shield (three concussions, 59.0 time loss sessions), full shield (two concussions); ‡unknown: Half shield (two concussions, 48.5 time loss sessions), full shield (three concussions, 5.5 time loss sessions).
Injury setting
    Game34112.03.29(2.71 to 3.96)3864.51.70(1.32 to 2.18)
    Practice754.57.79(5.92 to 10.2)00.00.0
Injury status†
    New1735.52.09(1.48 to 2.93)1616.01.00(0.57 to 1.62)
    Recurrent2172.03.43(2.68 to 4.32)2048.52.43(1.81 to 3.24)
    Forward23115.55.02(4.17 to 6.05)2447.51.98(1.47 to 2.65)
    Defence1851.02.83(2.11 to 3.73)1417.01.21(0.71 to 1.94)
    Rookie1242.53.54(2.59 to 4.83)810.01.25(0.60 to 2.30)
    Veteran2775.52.80(2.22 to 3.52)2749.01.81(1.34 to 2.40)