Table 1

Data from longest swim by each swimmer in water ≥11°C

Rectal temp (°C)
SwimmerM/FAge (years)Skinfold thickness (mm)*Height (m)Weight (kg)Water temp (°C)Duration of swim (min)Fall during swimTemp after swim
*Mean of readings by Harpenden calipers over biceps, lower corner of the scapula, the costal margin below the midpoint of the clavicle, and the abdomen 50 mm below and lateral to the umbilicus.
†Related to mean skinfold thickness, p = 0.035 (least squares linear regression).
1M53 8.561.78 76.011.0232.934.3
2F29 8.611.77 72.010.0452.334.7
3F41 8.901.62 60.010.0491.635.6
4M4212.181.81 82.0 9.4321.635.9
5M3613.401.80 81.510.5661.736.1
6F2917.551.71 81.510.2730.736.5
7M4718.411.76 90.010.2652.734.8
Mean39.813.641.76 80.710.252.3†1.9435.5