Table 2

Characteristics of the studies on modification of training schedule

Pollock et al.13(n=157)Rudzki 14, 15 (n=350)Andrish et al.16(n=1670)
NA, Not available.
Methodological quality score202017
Age (years)20–3517–31NA
PopulationPrison inmatesMilitary recruitsMilitary recruits
InterventionEffects of duration and frequency of trainingReduction in running distanceGraduated running
ProtocolDuration group: train 15, 30, 45 minutes/daySubstitute running with walking plus added weightGraduated running programme for the first 2 weeks
frequency group: train 1, 3, 5 days/week
Period of intervention (weeks)20122
Hours of exposure to running/week0.75–2.5041.3NA
Definition of injuryTraining related injury that prevented subjects from running for at least one weekMedical confirmationMedical confirmation