Table 4

Psychological techniques used by physiotherapists working with injured athletes

Psychological techniqueMeanSD
1 = Never use; 2 = use 25% of time; 3 = use 50% of time; 4 = use 75% of time; 5 = use 100% of time.
Creating variety in rehabilitation exercises4.470.71
Using short term goals4.320.82
Encouraging positive self talk4.161.13
Encouraging effective communication3.801.10
Enhancing self confidence3.611.21
Keeping athlete involved with team3.411.20
Reducing stress/anxiety3.241.19
Teaching muscular relaxation techniques3.051.11
Using relaxation techniques2.651.08
Using mental rehearsal/visualisation2.311.28
Improving social support2.101.04
Reducing depression2.081.17
Teaching emotional control strategies2.061.11