Table 3

Change during the piece in length at each end of the stroke measured by the CODA system

Fixed power headFloating power head
Length change (mm)p ValueLength change (mm)p Value
Values are the mean differences (SD) between the average displacements during minutes 7–12 compared with minutes 13–18. Positive numbers indicate movement towards the power head. Significance is given by two way analysis of variance with replication.
(A) Comparison between fixed and floating power heads
    Catch19.5 (32.6)<0.01—3.5 (36.3)NS
    Finish7.6 (27.2)<0.05—4.9 (30.8)NS
First pieceSecond piece
Length change (mm)p ValueLength change (mm)p Value
(B) Comparison between first and second pieces
    Catch7.6 (50.0)NS8.4 (12.4)<0.001
    Finish2.3 (41.4)NS0.4 (7.8)NS