Table 3

Injury prevalence (missed games and percentage of players unavailable) by position (1995/1996 to 2000/2001)

Body areaInjury categoryBatsmanWicket keeperPace bowlerSpinner
Head & neckFractured facial bones30.0%60.2%
Lacerations and other head injuries10.0%
Neck injuries60.1%
Upper limbShoulder tendon injuries250.3%730.9%351.1%
Shoulder dislocations and subluxations30.0%
Elbow injuries280.3%
Forearm fractures80.1%50.1%20.1%
Arm lacerations & haematomas10.0%
Wrist and hand injuries340.4%460.5%260.8%
Upper limb stress fractures80.1%
Side and abdominal strains30.0%1241.5%60.2%
Trunk & backRib fractures (traumatic and stress)130.2%
Lumbar stress fractures90.1%1261.5%
Lumbar injuries (other than stress fractures)390.5%20.1%1211.4%10.0%
Groin injuries300.4%871.0%
Lower limbHamstring strain injuries180.2%90.6%851.0%50.2%
Quadriceps strain injuries50.1%500.6%
Knee ligament injuries290.4%30.2%160.2%290.9%
Knee cartilage injuries360.5%80.5%700.8%10.0%
Knee tendon injuries60.1%10.1%290.3%
Calf muscle strain injuries40.1%140.2%60.2%
Leg stress fractures530.6%
Lower limb fractures (not stress fractures)400.5%40.1%
Lower limb haematomas & lacerations20.0%50.1%
Shin soft tissue overuse injuries10.0%
Ankle and foot sprains140.2%340.4%50.2%
Heel and achilles injuries200.3%420.5%
Foot stress fractures340.4%
Other lower limb injuries40.0%
MedicalMedical illness160.2%20.1%420.5%50.2%