Table 1

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy variables measured before treatment with citrulline/malate (D−7 and D0)

D−7D0p Value
Values are reported as mean (SE). PCr (%) refers to the amount of phosphocreatine consumed at the end of exercise. Viex and Virec indicate respectively the initial rate of PCr consumption during exercise and synthesis during the recovery period. Δ[PCr]/power and ΔpH/power were calculated as indicated in the Methods section. EC refers to the total energy cost. p Values refer to the result of a one way analysis of variance with a post hoc Sheffe's test to characterise the effect of repeated measurements on several variables recorded during the rest-exercise-recovery protocol.
    [PCr] (mM)37.5 (0.3)38.2 (0.8)0.23
    pH6.99 (0.01)7.01 (0.01)0.69
    Initial phase of exercise
        EC (mM/min/W)22.5 (2.1)22.9 (1.8)0.85
        Viex (mM/min)38.4 (4.5)42.5 (5.4)0.41
    End of exercise
        PCr (%)61.4 (3.8)66 (4.5)0.69
        pH6.52 (0.04)6.47 (0.6)0.39
        Power (W)1.55 (0.1)1.61 (0.1)0.54
        Δ[PCr]/power (mM PCr/W)16.5 (1.6)16.2 (1.2)0.84
        ΔpH/power (pH unit/W)0.33 (0.03)0.35 (0.03)0.55
        Rate of oxidative ATP production (% EC)41.9 (7)41.5 (5)0.88
    Virec (mM/min)14.2 (2.3)14.5 (2.8)0.89