Table 3

Minor complications of the use of local anaesthetic to allow early return to play

Posterior ankle impingementMedial plantar nerve sensory block; player able to keep playing with numb sole of foot
Fractured 1st metacarpalSlight malunion with loss of full thumb span (anticipated and expected by player)
Posterior rib fracturesFailed block; player could not take field for that game although successfully played with local anaesthetic the following week
Sternoclavicular joint sprainInjury was worsened by a further contact mechanism injury; as a result the player needed to miss four games
Comminuted intra-articular fractured base of 1st proximal phalanxOsteoarthritis of 1st metacarpophalangeal joint (that was eventually almost asymptomatic), a complication considered inevitable after the initial fracture but may have been worsened by playing for 6 weeks with thumb blocks. The injury could not be treated surgically and the alternative treatment was plaster immobilisation, which probably would not have prevented degenerative arthritis
Posterior ankle impingementPlayer elected to have surgery to remove os trigonum after playing one game with the assistance of local injection
Bruised iliac crest (3)Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block (3)
Lateral ankle sprainPericapsular injection causing superficial peroneal nerve block; player was able to play with numb dorsum of foot
Chronic plantar fasciitisPlayer ruptured his plantar fascia origin but was able to complete the game. He missed 2 weeks after this but believed that this complication “cured” his injury.