Table 1

The list of playing actions recorded during the game

Dribbling the ballWith close control to take the ball past on opponent using the foot with 3 or more touches.
Goal catchGoalkeeper catches and holds on to the ball.
Goal punchGoalkeeper punches the ball and doesn't keep possession.
Goal throwGoalkeeper distributes the ball by throwing the ball towards a teammate.
Heading the ballPlayer makes direct contact with the ball using the head.
Jumping to headPlayer leaves the ground before making direct contact with the ball with the head.
Kicking the ballPlayer makes direct contact with the ball with the foot.
Making a tacklePlayer actively moves his body or limb towards the ball when the ball is in the possession of an opponent.
Making a chargePlayer makes physical contact with opponent during a tackle.
Passing the ballPlayer plays the ball with the foot with the intention of a teammate receiving it.
Receiving a ballPlayer receives and controls ball with any part of the body.
Receiving a tacklePlayer in possession receives a tackle by opponent.
Receiving a chargePlayer in possession receives physical contact by opponent.
Shot on goalAny attempt made by an attacking player with a shot (kick) directly towards the goal.
Set kickA free kick situation anywhere on the pitch.
Throw in the ballRestart of the game with hands following the ball going outside the touchline.