Table 2

The incidence of injury potential (IP) and actual injury (AI) for each type of playing action (PA)

Playing actionsTotal. eventsMild IPModerate IPHigh IPMinor AIModerate AIMajor AIPA injury risk incidence, (%)PA injury incidence, (%)
Playing action injury risk incidence and playing action incidence are defined in text.
Dribbling the ball15747100.60
Goal catch23062397120.40.43
Goal punch431120660.40
Goal throw81290000
Heading the ball172311771700.90
Jumping to head1225496930.90
Kicking the ball2330207096714.50.04
Making a tackle910451443132150.40.33
Making a charge58568531.360
Passing the ball4145295810.20
Receiving the ball3688551180.50
Receiving a tackle9103736649355495.91.54
Receiving a charge5839742058182.20.17
Shot on goal8269404.80
Set kick676563600.80
Throw in the ball50991410.90