Table 1

Intramuscular rupture of the triceps brachii muscle

Reference (year)AgeSexMechanism of injuryDiagnostic scanTreatmentExtent of injuryFollow upResult
CT, Computed tomography; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; ADL, activities of daily living.
Penhallow18 (1910)35MStruck by a large box above elbowNoneSurgeryComplete rupture of long and partial rupture of medial head1 monthComplete recovery
Montgomery19 (1920)20MArm was struck and compressed by taiboard of truckNoneSurgery?complete rupture of all three heads2 monthsFull tone & strength
Aso & Torisu22 (1984)28MHit while practising kendox RaySurgeryPartial separation medial head from shaft of humerus18 monthsComplete recovery
Aso & Torisu22 (1984)36FOverhead serve playing volleyballx ray, CT scanNon-operativeNot specified19 monthsComplete recovery
O’Driscoll20 (1992)25MWhile white-water kayakingNoneNon-operativeClinical examination:complete rupture of long head10 yearsIsometric strength equal to other arm but 5–10% decrease in endurance strength
Sheps et al21 (1997)13MInitial injury while waterskiing later aggravated during golfingUltrasound, MRI scanNon-operativeRupture of the long headapprox. 2 yearsCan carry out ADL without significant disability, but Cybex testing reveals significant extension and pronation deficit
Present31MPlaying ice hockey when struck on back of arm by opponent’s stick and went into wall with stick held at waist heightMRI scanSurgeryRupture of all three heads6 monthsPlaying ice hockey at professional level