Table 1

Sample dimensions: data for a Vespoli D-hull 8 and a Concept2 sweep oar with a big blade

Area componentHeight (cm)Width (cm)Cross sectional area (cm2)Notes
Oar blade – square2555 (× 2)2750C2 big blade, on the square, one on each side
Oar blade – feathered∼155 (× 2)110C2 big blade, feathered, one on each side
Oar shaft – mid-drive5260 (× 2)2600To account for exposed portion of shaft on both sides
Rigger355 (× 2)330Rigger on each side
Hull – above waterline (at rest)1055550
Rower – upright85605100
Rower – finish/catch54.660327650° from upright
Total frontal area above water during recovery110+2600+330+ 550+5100=8690Rower upright, blades feathered