Table 1

Detailed individual results, after elimination of data that, on account of abnormal circumstances of play, may have altered the coherence of the result—for example, three set matches influenced the mean values of some variables, causing incoherent results

Variable (n=14)MeanSDCVMaxMin
CV, Coefficient of variation; max, maximum; min, minimum.
Age (years)21.793.2614.972817
Weight (kg)67.548.7012.888456
Height (cm)175.216.833.90182165
Max heart rate (beats/min)190.575.502.89201186
Average heart rate (beats/min)173.438.865.11187162
Max lactate (mmol/l)3.790.9124.115.12.4
Total time (seconds) (n=12)1689.33312.8918.5223081320
Real time (seconds) (n=12)548.7598.6217.97696387
Performance time (seconds)6.401.2519.618.864.57
Rest time (seconds)12.932.6820.7618.79.2
Work density0.490.0611.420.610.4
Winning shots (number)18.858.5145.17328
Unforced errors (n=12)22.467.6834.18327
Shots per rally6.061.0817.867.824.6
Maximum actions43.4216.5938.228724
Total rallies83.3311.0313.249964
Total shots510.75109.7621.49774354
Average/max heart rate coefficient91.002.502.7594.4486.63
Number of shots/real time0.930.1111.401.130.69