Table 2

Summary of the correlational analysis between the studied variables (p<0.05)

r Valuep Value
NB some correlations that originally seemed to be significant have stopped being so after controlling total time.
Positive correlations
    Average heart rate & max heart rate0.910.000
    Average heart rate & lactate0.550.051
    Average heart rate & lactate (controlling total time)0.480.127
    Real time & rest time0.620.031
    Real time & performance time0.730.007
    Performance time & rest time0.870.000
    Shots in rally & real time0.630.028
    Shots in rally & performance time0.750.007
    Real time & total time0.690.013
Negative correlations
    Max heart rate & work density−0.570.041
    Max heart rate & work density (controlling total time)−0.540.082
    Average heart rate & work density−0.570.038
    Average heart rate & work density (controlling total time)−0.550.079
    Max heart rate & maximum actions−0.620.028
    Max heart rate & maximum actions (controlling total time)−0.660.025
    Average heart rate & maximum actions−0.590.042
    Average heart rate & maximum actions (controlling total time)−0.640.033