Table 1

Summary data for all variables (n=52)

Female runners
Values are mean (SD). Gynaecological age is years since menarche; cycle flow is average length of menstrual flow; Cycle frequency/year is average menstrual cycles experienced each year.
OCA, Length of oral contraceptive use in months; BMD, bone mineral density.
Age (years)31 (5)
Height (cm)165 (6)
Body mass (kg)57.3 (6)
Body fat (%)20 (6)
Age at onset of training (years)23 (8)
Distance run (km/week)51 (28)
Training per week (hours)8 (5)
Years training8 (6)
Sessions per week5 (2)
Time off training (months)3 (5)
Menarcheal age (years)14 (2)
Gynaecological age (years)17 (6)
Cycle frequency/year11 (2)
Cycle flow (days)5 (1)
OCA (months)57 (54)
Average energy intake (MJ/day)7.5 (2)
Calcium (mg/day)831 (257)
Magnesium (mg/day)257 (61)
Zinc (mg/day)7.5 (0.7)
Phosphorus (mg/day)1166 (260)
Spinal BMD (g/cm2)1.12 (0.1)
Femoral neck BMD (g/cm2)0.9 (0.1)