Table 2

Comparison of players’ attitudes towards protective eyewear use in squash from three Australian studies

Percentage of all players95% confidence intervals for the differences between the 2000 survey results and earlier surveys
200024 (n=303) (A)199517 (n=197) (B)198911 (n=165) (C)2000 v 1995 (A–B)2000 v 1989 (A–C)
Strongly agree/agree
    Eye injuries are a particular problem in squash6157(−5 to 13)
    More players should use protective eyewear675765(1 to 18)(−7 to 11)
    Protective eyewear should be made compulsory for all players241617(0 to 15)(−1 to 14)
    Protective eyewear should be made compulsory for junior players695654(5 to 22)(6 to 24)
Strongly disagree/disagree
    I would stop playing if protective eyewear was made compulsory656471(−8 to 9)(−15 to 2)