Table 1

Reports from which data were extracted

ReferenceJournalYearNumber of cases describedNumber of cases used in meta-analysis
*Three cases not used as probably extra-articular fractures.
†One case deleted as inadequate follow up.
‡Five cases deleted as outcome not stated clearly, but three were treated with operative reduction and internal fixation presumably with good results, one case was missed with resultant non-union, one was a comminuted fracture treated conservatively because of diabetes.
Hawkins15 J Bone Joint Surg 19651311*
Fjeldborg17 Acta Orthop Scan 196832*
Mukherjee14 J Bone Joint Surg 19741312†
Heckman13 Clin Orthop 198599
Kettunen7 Acta Orthop Scan 199211
Noble4 Br J Sports Med 199211
Nicholas2 J Am Board Fam Pract 199411
Ebraheim5 J Ortho Trauma 199461‡
Tucker6 Foot Ankle Int 199822