Table 6

Comparison of values for body density estimated in this study with those estimated by inserting the data into the equation of Abe et al13

Sumo groupControl group
Values in parentheses are % body fat.
Simple regression equation
    Estimated by Abe’s equation (nine sites)1.029 (30.0)1.003 (45.7)
    Estimated by Abe’s equation (six sites)1.033 (27.0)1.005 (40.0)
    Estimated by Abe’s equation (abdomen)1.039 (25.7)1.015 (35.1)
    Estimated by this study (nine sites)1.044 (23.8)1.025 (31.7)
    Estimated by this study (six sites)1.043 (24.1)1.026 (31.4)
    Estimated by this study (abdomen)1.044 (23.8)1.026 (31.4)
Multiple regression equation
    Estimated by this study1.044 (23.8)1.026 (31.3)
    Estimated by underwater weighing method1.044 (23.8)1.026 (31.3)