Table 1

Motor and cardiovascular health related fitness parameters

ParametersPE group (n=43)PE+ group (n=41)t-TestsAdjusted (n=84)
Values are mean (SD).
SAR, sit and reach; FLB, flamingo balance; SBJ, standing broad jump; HGR, hand grip; SUP, = sit ups; PLT, plate tapping; Adjusted, adjusted for age, height, body mass, and participation in organised extracurricular physical activities; NS, not significant.
Motor fitness
    SAR (cm)19.9 (7.4)22 (5)NSNS
    FLB (s)13.5 (5.9)14.2 (5.1)NSNS
    SBJ (cm)179.7 (17.1)190.4 (19.1)p<0.01p<0.05
    HGR (kg)30.5 (6.2)34.5 (8.4)p<0.05NS
    SUP (reps in 30 s)22.8 (2.1)24.2 (2.7)p<0.01p<0.05
    PLT (s)12.7 (1.7)11.9 (1.5)p<0.05NS
Cardiovascular health related fitness
    Body fat (%)20.3 (8.8)13.9 (3.5)p<0.001p<0.001
    V̇o2max (ml/kg/min)34.7 (3.7)43.9 (4.2)p<0.001p<0.001
    Physical activity (≥6 METs – hours/day)0.2 (0.2)0.7 (0.3)p<0.001p<0.001