Table 4

Nutritional assessment of the daily dietary intake of the judo athletes

Values are mean (SEM). For comparison, the French Recommended Dietary Allowances (FRDA) for sportsmen9 are shown.
Total energy intake (MJday)13.4 (0.8)12.5–14.6
Daily energy expenditure (MJ/day) with no training7.6 (0.3)
Daily sport activity (MJ/day)7.3 (0.5)
Daily energy expenditure (MJ/day)13.9 (0.6)
Protein (%)15.3 (2.0)15
Fat (%)33.0 (4.3)<30
Carbohydrate (%)50.9 (4.5)60
Total protein (g/day)103.4 (26.0)81
Total fat (g/day)100.5 (31.4)100
Carbohydrate (g/day)333.2 (91.8)450
Water (g)4045.0 (350)3500
Saturated fat (g)38.8 (2.8)1/3 of total fat
Monounsaturated fat (g)31.6 (3.9)1/3 of total fat
Polyunsaturated fat (g)9.3 (1.9)1/3 of total fat