Table 1

Mean safety scores for individual scale items for each sport and for all clubs

Netball (n = 59)Rugby league (n = 20)Rugby union (n = 35)Soccer (n = 49)All clubs (n = 163)
Comp, Competition; Train, training; CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Policy items (max score per item = 2)
    Attendance of qualified first aid providers1.
    Safety inspection of playing surface before use1.
    Wearing or using protective equipment0.
Practice items (max score per item = 4)
    Attendance of qualified first aid providers3.
    Attendance of qualified CPR providers3.
    Availability of first aid equipment3.
    Access to a telephone4.
    Clear, unblocked access for emergency vehicles4.
    Safety inspection of playing surface before use3.
    Safety inspection of fixtures and fittings2.
    Availability of drinking fluid3.
    Encouraged to drink fluids regularly3.
    Warming up3.
    Cooling down1.
    Mean total safety score41.426.542.632.340.230.834.025.639.027.8