Table 4

Bias +95% LoA between estimated and actual mean VO2 (ml/kg/min) at four stages of the Chester step test during two separate trials

Stage IStage IIStage IIIStage IV
Significant difference (Bonferroni corrected alpha = p<0.007) between the estimated and actual VO2 value (*p<0.0005, †p = 0.003, ‡p = 0.001).
95% LoA:act ratio is the ratio of the 95% LoA between actual and estimated VO2 divided by the actual VO2.
Estimated VO2 ml/kg/min16.
Trial 1−2.0*±2.2−0.3±2.51.6†±3.01.2±4.7
95% LoA:act ratio12.2%11.7%11.4%14.8%
Trial 2−2.1‡±3.6−0.6±2.91.6±3.90.9±4.8
95% LoA:act ratio20.0%13.4%14.8%15.4%