Table 3

Physical performance tests and tendon morphology group in females

Number in each testNormal US (group 1)Unilateral changes (group 2a)Bilateral changes (group 2b)
*†Subjects with unilateral and bilateral tendinopathy had a significantly greater vertical jump than subjects with normal tendons (p<0.05). Data are reported as mean (SD).
Agility (s)625.48 (0.60)5.37 (0.71)5.31 (0.73)
Endurance (level)609.8 (1.4)9.3 (1.5)10.1 (1.4)
Vertical jump (cm)6446.1 (5.4)*†50.9 (4.7)*51.0 (9.0)†
10 m sprint (s)631.94 (0.08)1.9 (0.07)1.9 (0.08)