Table 3

Attributes with which more than 25% would disagree or remain neutral

The statementDisagree or neutral, %
Has relevant publications and aspires to a research qualification80.5
Experience as a player at different levels75.5
Can write a research paper71.6
Supervises relevant research by other doctors (A&E, GPs)67.9
Speaks well to the media66.1
Can write an educational paper66.1
Has combined clinics with orthopaedics/rheumatology65.9
Lectures well62.3
Has a formal attachment to a team or sport62.2
Up to date on current diving legislation61.5
Ability to formulate business plan for sports injury clinic60.4
Provide phone coverage58.7
Competent in manipulative and mobilisation techniques56.8
Provides information leaflets38.7
Initiates and completes research relevant to sport and exercise medicine36.8
Involved and local and national bodies36.5
Uses sports medicine skills in a mainstream medical/surgical post35.4
Always available to help others33.9
Experience in general practice33.6
Ability to strap/tape32.0
Has access to pain clinic31.0
Attends training sessions and games frequently30.1
Prepared to cover the absence of others27.6
Familiar with all aspects of a wide range of sports at various levels26.8
Should have experience of working as team doctor to a variety of sports both team and individual26.7
Helps with physiotherapy/podiatry training25.8