Table 1

Six most frequently reported reasons behind players’ non-involvement in AFIPP (n = 104)

Reason for not participating in the AFIPP project*Proportion of players (%)
*Wording as per questionnaire.
†Significantly different in players who usually wore/did not wear a mouthguard (32.3% v 5.6%, 95% CI for difference 18.2 to 35.2)
‡Significantly different in players with and without a previous injury history (23.8% v 7.3%, 95% CI for difference 9.3 to 23.6)
I did not know about the project39.4
I was not at training when the research team visited my club36.5
I already have headgear/mouthguard23.1†
I did not want to14.4
Protective equipment restricts my playing ability14.4
I was worried I would be targeted by other players10.6‡