Table 3

Differences in range of motion of the spine, hip and ankle between the first (start of study) and second (after three months) test occasion for both groups

MovementIntervention group (n = 16)Control group (n = 10)I versus R, p value
MeanSDp Value*MeanSDp Value*
*Differences within groups.
Thoracic flexion–extension (°)11.911.10.0006−0.910.6NS0.02
Thoracic rotation (°)13.612.20.0005−9.419.4NS0.009
Lumbar flexion–extension (°)−0.59.0NSNS
Lateral flexion (m)−0.015.0NSNS
Kyphosis–lordosis (°)−
Knee flexion, hip extension (m)−0.0042.8NS−0.0067.9NSNS
Hip extension, knee extension (m)−0.038.4NS−
Hip flexion, knee extension (°)7.1211.00.02−6.111.4NS0.02
Hip abduction + external rotation (°)0.285.9NS2.97.8NSNS
Ankle dorsiflexion (°)−0.552.2NS0.001