Table 4

Slalom test, hurdle test, and range of motion of the spine, hip, and ankle at the end of the study

TestIntervention group (n = 16)Control group (n = 10)p Value*
*Differences between groups.
†For slalom and hurdle tests, n = 12 in intervention group and n = 7 in control group.
Slalom test (s)† to 13.411.91.310.3 to 13.6NS
Hurdle test (s)† to 11.710.91.29.6 to 12.9NS
Thoracic flexion–extension (°)40.711.712 to 5238.013.117 to 60NS
Thoracic rotation (°)131.218.696 to 160134.622.3100 to 180NS
Lumbar flexion–extension (°)81.612.157 to 10277.610.260 to 94NS
Lateral flexion (m)0.494.90.43 to 0.600.486.20.36 to 0.56NS
Kyphosis–lordosis (°)10.39.9−11 to 258.28.4−5 to 23NS
Knee flexion, hip extension (m)0.043.90 to 130.073.21 to 11NS
Hip extension, knee extension (m) to to 0.25NS
Hip flexion, knee extension (°)107.310.890 to 12991.623.765 to 1400.03
Hip abduction + external rotation (°)1406.3129.5 to 151139.87.9129.5 to 147.5NS
Ankle dorsiflexion (°)37.64.227 to 4336.47.328 to 51NS