Table 1

 Self reported protective equipment wearing rates in community level Australian football players (n = 301)

PPE use during the 2000 seasonNumber of playersPer cent of players95% CI
*10 players did not report when they used a mouthguard.
†Percentages do not add to 100 because of rounding.
CI, confidence interval; PPE, personal protective equipment.
Overall *20373.667.5 to 79.6
Training only5226.914.8 to 38.9
Games only12062.253.5 to 70.8
Games and training2110.90 to 24.2
Overall62.10 to 13.6
Training only116.70 to 89.8
Games only466.720.5 to 100.0
Games and training116.70 to 89.8