Table 2

 The most commonly stated reasons for not wearing protective equipment during the 2000 playing season*

Reason for not using PPEHeadgear (n = 268) (%)Mouthguards (n = 72) (%)
*The percentages add to more than 100% because players were requested to provide two responses.
PPE, personal protective equipment.
I don’t like wearing it44.830.6
It is too uncomfortable40.745.8
They restrict my airflow29.2
I cannot speak properly when I wear one16.7
I don’t need to17.212.5
They restrict my performance12.5
It is too hot14.9
I don’t want to look stupid11.3
There is no rule making me wear it10.8
I have never tried one/ I have never considered it10.4
I don’t want it to affect how I play9.0
Other reasons18.638.9