Table 3

 The most commonly reported personal reasons that would motivate a non-user of headgear or a mouthguard to consider using them*

Influence on PPE useHeadgear (n = 276) (%)Mouthguard (n = 79) (%)
*The percentages add to more than 100% because players were requested to provide two responses.
AFIPP, Australian football injury prevention project; PPE, personal protective equipment.
If I had an injury67.046.8
If I was made to by my club/school31.512.7
If it prevented injury26.148.1
If it was affordable to buy15.2
If it made me play better19.612.7
If I wanted to be safe15.6
If my insurance company required me to wear it12.312.7
If I was a participant in the AFIPP11.4
If I was made to by my coach/parents10.513.9