Table 4

 Community football players’ attitudes towards protective headgear and mouthguards (n = 301)

Strongly agree/agree (%)Neither agree nor disagree (%)Strongly disagree/ disagree (%)Mean agreement score (range)
Note: every player answered each question for headgear and mouthguards.
Players who wear headgear/mouthguards are less likely to be injured than players who do not wear headgear/mouthguards
Headgear49.035.615.43.4 (3.3 to 3.5)
Mouthguards62.423.214.43.6 (3.5 to 3.7)
Headgear/mouthguards restricts a players performance – I would rather play without it
Headgear27.439.133.53.1 (3.0 to 3.2)
Mouthguards10. (3.7 to 3.9)
Players who wear headgear/mouthguards can play harder than those who do not wear headgear
Headgear10. (2.0 to 2.3)
Mouthguards11.227.361.52.2 (2.1 to 2.3)
I would rather risk injury than play with protective headgear/mouthguards
Headgear21.738.140.23.3 (3.2 to 3.4)
Mouthguards7.317.575.24.0 (3.9 to 4.1)
Experienced players do not need to wear protective headgear/mouthguards as they are not at risk of injury
Headgear4.015.480.64.0 (3.9 to 4.1)
Mouthguards3.19.787.24.2 (4.1 to 4.3)