Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the respondents and dropouts

Characteristics at baselineRespondents (N = 5341)Dropouts (N = 893)
*As the only activity.
†As the only activity or in combination with slow walks.
Marital status
    Married or cohabiting435881.768476.9
Hours worked a week
Cigarettes smoked a day
    20 or more881.7151.7
Physical leisure activity
    No regular exercise135925.423025.8
    Slow walks*100918.917719.8
    Brisk walks†112921.116518.5
    Aerobics or gymnastics†3125.8586.5
    Other activities or combinations153228.726329.5
    Always fit1693.2222.5
    Usually fit165831.125228.3
    Varied between fit and fatigued269850.747252.9
    Usually fatigued71013.313314.9
    Always fatigued881.7131.5
Long term health problems
    Yes, but not bothered3937.4748.4
    Yes, it bothers me some104819.816718.9
    Yes, it bothers me a lot4107.8515.8
Affective symptoms
    1 and 2232944.034239.0
Sleep quality in past 3 months
    Rather good191136.132236.3
    Neither good nor bad110120.817820.1
    Rather bad4077.7809.0
Neck pain in past 3 months
    A little bothered172032.228932.4
    Rather intensely bothered89616.816017.9
    Very intensely bothered3155.9505.6
Low back pain in past 3 months
    A little bothered195036.532736.7
    Rather intensely bothered88716.615517.4
    Very intensely bothered3486.5677.5
Musculoskeletal pain (any)
    A little bothered203638.130233.9
    Rather intensely bothered172232.333537.6
    Very intensely bothered97318.216718.7
Widespread pain