Table 1

 Intraobserver agreement and κ values in the examination of athletes with groin pain

TestPercentage of agreementκ value
NB There are no values for left and right for symphysis palpation pain (4A), abdominal functional pain (6A), or abdominal strength (6B).
Adductor functional pain (1A)95.897.296.50.910.910.91
Adductor palpation pain (2A)95.894.495.10.880.910.89
Adductor stretching pain (3A)94.493.193.80.660.680.67
Symphysis palpation pain (4A)93.10.84
Rectus abdominis palpation pain (5A)94.490.392.40.750.860.81
Abdominal functional pain (6A)93.10.63
Abdominal oblique functional pain (6C)88.993.191.00.580.440.51
Psoas palpation pain (7A)94.493.193.80.810.870.84
Psoas functional pain (8A)87.593.190.30.520.110.32
Psoas stretching pain (9B)94.497.295.80.910.720.81
Adductor strength (1B)
Abdominal strength (6B)94.4−0.03
Psoas strength (8B)83.387.585.40.640.590.61
Psoas flexibility (9A)90.394.492.40.830.660.74