Table 2

 Symptoms from injuries and reinjuries reported by gymnasts at the Swedish Cup in team gymnastics for juniors and seniors, using multivariate logistic regression analyses (n = 188)

Site of injurySymptoms from an injury on the day of competitionReinjuries
OR (female)OR (male)p ValueOR (female)OR (male)p Value
Any site
Group juniors0.710.260.670.15
OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
*Juniors compared with seniors.
BMI, body mass index; CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.
Lower extremity
Group*0.370.19 to 0.700.003
Group*0.550.25 to to 0.800.01
Stretch—never9.731.34 to 57.450.015.070.91 to 28.410.06
Age (continuous)0.910.77 to 1.080.28
Sex (female compared to male)0.690.23 to 2.010.49
BMI1.321.00 to 1.750.049
Age (continuous)1.131.02 to 1.250.02
Group*0.430.18 to 1.010.051
Tumbling sessions/week2.110.96 to 4.680.063
Trampette sessions/week0.570.27 to 1.240.15