Table 2

 Summary of static measurements of lower limb alignment

Injured(n = 69)SDNon-injured(n = 18)SDDrop outs(n = 64)SD
All measurements are in degrees and are means.
IR, Internal rotation; ER, external rotation; DF, dorsiflexion, PF, plantar flexion; ST, subtalar; FF, forefoot; recurv, recurvatum.
    Hip IR33.857.6936.567.9134.68.1
    Hip ER39.439.3641.009.3139.98.8
    Knee recurv9.724.2611.566.3910.04.8
    Q angle13.675.0214.674.9014.49.0
    Ankle DF12.594.7711.782.4912.54.4
    Ankle PF49.8513.1252.008.9352.512.5
    ST valgus1.448.420.
    ST varus4.573.434.333.120.00.0
    FF valgus0.
    FF varus6.623.729.674.850.10.7
    Hip IR35.289.4942.118.8137.98.1
    Hip ER43.8254.2637.569.3639.28.7
    Knee recurv9.444.7912.566.359.94.8
    Q angle15.4620.0415.112.5215.016.9
    Ankle DF12.344.6112.003.7412.04.7
    Ankle PF51.9810.0453.338.6653.911.9
    ST valgus0.391.540.
    ST varus5.033.325.332.180.00.0
    FF valgus0.
    FF varus6.493.639.113.480.21.1