Table 1

 Summary of the 10 subjects

SubjectAge (years)Dominant armPain severity and durationTime of CT scan (post onset of injuries)CT diagnosisReturn to fast bowling
117Right4/10 for 2 weeks, 1/10 for 6 months6, 8, 15 monthsPartially united and un-united fractures15 months
215Right3/10 for 3 weeks3 monthsPartial union6 months
322Right3/10 for 1 weekImmediatelyMultiple partial and un-united fractures3 months
418Right3/10 intermittent with bowling only3 monthsPartially healed and healed fracture11 months
521Right4/10 for 2 weeks3 monthsThickening, but no fracture3 months
615Right5/10 for 2 weeks3 monthsThickening, but no fractures6 months
721Right5/10 for 2 weeks2 yearsHealed3 months
822Right0/10Approximately 3 years after starting at first class levelUn-united fracturesNo time off
919Left4.5/10 for 2–3 weeks4, 6 monthsBilateral non-union at both stages6 months
1017Right3/10 for 3 weeks3 monthsPartially healed fracture3 months