Table 6

 Injury diagnoses causing the greatest number of days absence for forwards and backs

InjuryTotal days absenceDays absence/ 1000 hours
*Excluding haematomas/contusions.
ACL, Anterior cruciate ligament; MCL, medial collateral ligament.
    ACL injury988110
    Knee meniscal/articular cartilage injury923103
    Dislocation/instability, shoulder74683
    Achilles tendon injury72681
    MCL injury71880
    Calf muscle injury*69177
    Cervical nerve root injury58665
    Acromioclavicular joint injury49555
    Rotator cuff/shoulder impingement48154
    Hamstring muscle injury*1176151
    Dislocation/instability, shoulder957123
    MCL injury870111
    ACL injury815104
    Knee meniscal/articular cartilage injury54570
    Wrist/hand fracture48862
    Lateral ankle ligament injury43456
    Haematoma, thigh41453
    Lumbar disc/nerve root injury36747