Table 8

 Injuries of highest incidence and causing the greatest number of days absence as a function of mechanism

Highest incidenceMost days absenceHighest incidenceMost days absence
*Excluding haematomas/contusions.
ACL, Anterior cruciate ligament; MCL, medial collateral ligament.
ScrumCalf muscle injury*Calf muscle injury*
Line outLateral ankle ligament injuryPatella tendon injury
TackledHaematoma, thighACL injuryHaematoma, thighMCL injury
TacklingCervical nerve root injuryDislocation/instability, shoulderConcussionDislocation/instability, shoulder
Ruck/maulHaematoma, calf/shinMCL injuryHaematoma, calf/shinMCL injury
CollisionHaematoma, thighHead/facial fractureHaematoma, thighACL injury
RunningCalf muscle injury*Achilles tendon injuryHamstring muscle injury*Hamstring muscle injury*
Twisting/turningLateral ankle ligament injuryACL injuryAdductor muscle injury*Lumbar disc/nerve root injury